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Solange Caviezel

about me

“I believe EVERYTHING is possible, because not only are we limitless
but we also embody the change itself.

I believe EVERYTHING I see in my world concerns me,
otherwise, it wouldn’t be in my world.

I believe that LOVE is always the answer. “

“That’s why, with my strong cognition, I’ll guide you on the path to
your destiny while feeling what you feel.

So, I’ll guide you on how to use and live the treasure that’s already within you.

In connection with your destiny, you have your own
inner and boundless amusement park. “

“And my individually tailored treatments will lead you there!”

In harmony and connection with your soul, you should be free and be able to solve everything that comes on your way, both on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

With more than ten years of experience as an independent therapist in holistic spiritual body therapy and my everyday spiritual life, I’ll offer to you a variety, depth, and honesty for your unique journey.

Since my childhood, I have had a special tact and connection to spiritual beings. I can perceive what you feel and think. Thus, I serve as an ambassador and translator for your problems on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I can help you solve the blockades that prevent you from manifesting love in all areas of your life.

I specialize in the following: the healing of sexual abuse, addictions, performance issues up to burnout and the underlying theme of self-esteem. In a gentle and efficient manner with the help of the spiritual beings, we bring light into darkness together, integrate and transform the dark portions, so that inner peace and love can reign.

I don’t focus on symptom control but on root-cause research and remediation.

Healing does not always mean that things will move the way your mind wants it to. But it fits in such a way that it is in divine time and in harmony with your soul and thus for your wellbeing.

Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to leave behind your victim attitude? Are you ready to change something?

Then you are at the right place!

For, all challenges in our lives are opportunities for growth and it is one of the main reasons for our earthly existence.

“Be the change you wish for this world and experience greatness!”

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