Emotional balance with angels

the basis for every process …

You feel like you’re on the same spot? Again, and again the same problems and somehow you have the feeling of not getting any further?

The Emotional balance with angels is about bringing our consciousness and subconscious mind into line. Because we often realize what we want to do consciously or what goals we have, but somehow, unconsciously something prevents us from moving forward.

Our consciousness mind accounts for 12.5%, while our subconscious mind is 87.5% (!)

In our subconscious, all our fears, old beliefs, self-fulfilling prophecies, unhealed emotions, to name but a few, are stuck.

The emotional balance thus forms the basis for every deeper subject and process, both on a physical as well as mental-spiritual level.

For, only when the subconscious mind is in agreement with its goals and desires that healing can be done in divine time and in harmony with the destiny.

The Emotional Balance taps 14 different acupuncture points, which in turn are linked to the meridians and simultaneously spoken with the help of angelic affirmations to create the Emotional Balance. This simple and wonderful method is great for tackling your issues and being ready to work on yourself. The topics can both be physical and mental-spiritual nature.

Medium of treatment: skype

Duration of treatment: approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hrs. Depending on the problem


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