Healing Addictions

how I experienced addiction…

Since my early Childhood I was eating a lot of sugar and ended up to be a sugar addict. I was craving for sugar and there was no day going without it and it measures that were not healthy at all. Most people say to this, „well that’s ok, a little chocolate does not do any harm, I eat it every day too.“ Well, it is not just about the substance itself, it is mostly about the addictive behavior and the issues which are behind it. Addictive behavior – does not matter what the substance is – always try to cover undissolved emotions and even traumatic experiences and there effects.

So, being addictive to a substance has nothing to do with enjoy something – it is to cover up, to not feel something that is there in your energy system. As long as you craving to the substance, those issues, those emotions can not clearly show themselves hence they can not be transformed fully.

To me being a sugar addict was very stressful. I was craving for it and not being able to be without it. Once started I wanted more and more. I could easily eat 200 grams of chocolate at once, followed by a packet of biscuits half an our later and a piece of cake an hour after that… etc. etc. …It did not good to my health in different ways: from a body perspective it was bad for my organs – that ended up in digestive problems, always being tired, which again made me take the substance and here we go – the devil’s circle started, sleepless at night, bad skin and heavy migraines. On a more psychological point: I did not feel myself anymore, which means, I was not aware of, what my soul wanted to tell me, the emotions which are behind the addiction and also, I did not feel when I am tired, when there was too much pressure and when I actually just needed a rest. That way I ended up in a heavy burnout and a having a nervous breakdown with ONLY 24 years old!

I do think that there are people who are more likely to be addicted, which usually are people who are very creative and sensitive. If the creativity can not be canalized, it can lead to an addiction but there is of course no rule to that as we all experienced traumatic experiences in our lives.

So, whatever substance it is one is craving for – it is keeping you away from seeing the truth behind it, which is in your subconscious mind creating continuously patterns, of what you try to get away so hard.

My healing process of addiction

It was only last year in 2016, when I managed to get completely off sugar and with that also goes for me all the white flour/wheat stuff/maple syrup, isolated fruit sugar (not fruits), an all other sweeteners.

At that time I have just seen the movie „that sugars film“ – which really got to me! So, I was not surprised anymore that sugar has such an addictive state, when I heard that sugar applies the same receptors in your brain than heroin! Also, it is a fact that sugar is transformed in the body into alcohol, if not used otherwise. Being aware of that 80 % !! of the food being in our stores contain sugar, I ask myself, if we are not all more or less sugar addicts.

The two first weeks of cure showed me how deeply I was in the craving. I went through a deep healing process with shivering, liver ache, headache, sickness, depression and crying attacks. After that – I started to get more free with every day – it was like whole new doors opened up and I finally had the feeling to be myself. I got in much more peace inside of me and I could feel myself, my emotions and thoughts much better. I was more clear and focused in my mind, which is necessary, if we want to manifest our lives in order to where we wanna go.

At the same time I did several treatments for the inner process. Schamanic healing ceremonies with medicine was a huge benefit to me. Further I have started with an emotional balance, followed by a shadow process with the Angels as well as an Angel Trance Coaching, which helped me to face
the shadow parts lying behind the addiction.

So, getting of the sugar helped me to face the issue behind the addiction and I could solve a lot of it.

My relapse

But as it is with once addictive, it is possible to have a relapse. It happened to me this year in February when I got into life circumstances which challenged me. It is very important, if this happens not to feel ashamed or feeling bad about yourself. Deeper issues or those which are multi layered take some efforts and steps over and over again. If you can keep up self love and even have an understanding that there is relapse and accepting it, it will be much easier to get cured again. Also, you were able to do it once, so you are able to do it again. So after I have got used to the all day challenges a bit, I started last week a new try to get off the addiction. And I was very lucky to run over Doreen Virtue’s healing meditation „Divine healing from Addictions“.

I gave it a try and Doreen says in her video that it is possible to be off immediately after that mediation and she was right. This time I got without any curing issues very easily off sugar and bread etc. I have just stopped eating it, did not craving for it any longer. Of course, it may also take more than once – give the time to yourself you need – most important be gentle and loving with yourself. And once you have the meditation you can do it as often you like.

So, I really can recommend that video and here is the link:
www.earthangel.com – scroll down to see the „Divine healing from Addictions“.

For further council, you can contact me. I have wonderful tools to help you to get through the process. Please be aware, that there might be a lot of different strings/issues and a various of layers to the addiction, so it is all in order to your soul plan and divine timing but also your personal commitment and decision/intention to get off it.

I wish you all the best and you have deep compassion from deep of my heart.

All my love

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