Shadow process

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being complete (C.G. Jung)

We live in a binary world and, like the Yin and Yang-character, the integration of darkness and light, in the end, unites us all. It is important that one becomes aware of his darkness so as to lovingly accept it. This will help us put off our masks, be free and more authentic. Because it takes a lot of energy to suppress and hide darkness and it causes stress in our system. We can better use these capacities if we integrate darkness and resolve darkness issues that are still associated with old traumas and shocks.

Angel Lavinia is the angel for dark work. With their platinum-colored transforming laser beam, you will experience the healing transformation of your darkness.

Shadow process and healing of the inner child

The Shadow process is a profound tool to resolve the darkness and blockages associated with shocks and traumas in childhood with the help of the angels. It is NOT necessary to dive into the event again. The angels have a healing and transforming power which goes ways beyond our understanding.


The Shadow process is a meditation journey that heals part of the inner child, which deals with the formation of shadings or the matter. The shadings and blockades, which then often shows up in our lives as repeating patterns, are laid from age 0 (in the womb) up to the age of 10, after which they become a repetition of the problem.

In this healing transforming journey, your child-self experiences wonderful healing and the past is declared as past.

Medium of treatment: skype

Duration of treatment: about 1 hour

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