Using the power of thoughts

it takes very little to make a big difference!

It is true there are powers trying to dull the love and light in this world an they have strategies as chemtrails by spreading chemicals in the atmosphere and it is good to be aware of. But do not let yourself get into fears as that is what gives them the energy to move on.

Actually, it takes so little to make huge changes. Believe in your own power of thoughts and use them in love as this is what you are.

By, for example, blessing everything what we eat, drink, do and by sending love into it, it does change the energy. And so the power of thoughts can very easily make a change. Bless your money, when you spend it, bless your invoices, program your water with love, ask the spirit world to clear the atmosphere, to send light and peace into the air, water, earth, fire or whatever comes to your mind.

As we are all one – it affects all of us – everything! Use intentions and believe in it!

In my meditation circles of still meditation, we always add a freedom meditation. It happened that the spirit world inspired me to send the energy in the elements like air or water – as everything living is made and contained by these elements.

When we did the freedom meditation by focusing love and light into the water – it was so incredible – imagine: human beings are made of 70 to 80 % of water, there is so much water on this planet but it is also misused, so there is a lack like in places as Africa.

By sending collectively love and light into water, which is known to be a perfect information medium – it affects every single thing in this world – every human being, even those we seem to use there power in evil ways – it effects everything with light and love, the oceans, the water we drink – also, as love is in truth all that exists.

Imagine if the water on this planet is filled with that love and light just because we use our thoughts – the intention, our focus to see that love and light in the elements ! It is like taking the back door to get to the main room – especially as every human being is affected as being of 70 to 80 % of water!

So this is what and how you can do it – and of course the more people doing it together at the same time, the more impact it has. It is actually, I guess, quantum physics but this is not quite my area. Here as I have been inspired by the spirit world:

Move into your essence, focus on your heart and breath, open up your crown chakra and connect with the universe – set the intention that love and light is been sent to the water (f. ex.) – feel how the energy enters your crown chakra and by focusing your attention to the element of water it is like you create the pipeline of energy that goes there and just keep focusing on the water and let universal love energy flow. The energy flows, where attention goes.

Of course, you can ask the spirit world as well to send the energy directly but whenever I ask them why we are like a middle peace/channel, I get following answer: It has to be our free will and if the energy is flowing through us, we are more aware to be part of it, as there is no separation. It heals us at the same time and our awareness of being one with everything rises. The way I feel it during those freedom meditations and what I am experiencing with the participants confirms that awareness of peace and All-is-one.

When you are done, disconnect the „pipeline“ and return into your own energy essence, so you are centered in your own essence again. Even if there is all one, as long as we have not overcome the illusion of separation completely, it could happen that the attention is only at the focused point (like the water) by not being aware of the own essence anymore – at some point of connection with the soul essence you can feel all at the same time. And there are some other reasons as well but that would fill another chapter.

We do never send energy from us – we always let universal energy flow through us – as we still have ego.

So, believe in your own power of thoughts and us them in service of love. Not by fighting against things or avoid it, as this gives energy in to it and it keeps up the illusion of separation – but everything is part of us. By not embracing it with love, there will always be fragments of ourself not being integrated. But everything I see in this world belongs to me otherwise I would not see it.

To feel that inner peace and oneness I need to embrace all in love as this is only what in truth exists – we are divine beings. By seeing the truth in what is, it can manifest that way.

It takes only a couple minutes a day…

Saturday, 22 April 2017

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